Newcastle Entertainment

If you really want to watch TV, you can do so in the comfort of the Avoca Hotel. It is perfectly understandable that there may be programmes you wish to see, but if you are looking for something different and refreshing Newcastle and the Avoca is where you can find it.


During the summer months live bands, groups or discos perform frequently in the Avoca, especially at weekends in the function room / dance space that adjoins the main Lounge Bar. The dance area is on a raised level of the lounge, sufficient to keep apart those who dance and those who just enjoy live music and a drink.

If you want a really quiet drink and a chat (if you are young or if you simply want to get your head showered and forget about 'luv') - there is also the Residents' Bar at the other end of the hotel - open during the Summer.

The bedrooms also are in a completely different wing of the hotel, so sleep for those who go to bed early should not be disturbed.

Want other evening entertainment in Newcastle? There is always so much going on in other parts of the resort town that we simply cannot list them all. They are all within walking distance, so questions about drinking and driving simply will not arise.


Food in the dining room of the Avoca is hard to beat, but on occasion we all like to go out for that special meal to a restaurant.

The gourmet cooking in nearby County Down villages must be tasted to be believed!

A great foundation are the fish, lobsters and prawns just out of the Irish sea, plus fresh vegetables and well-hung meat from local butchers.

We know the quality! We are in the business ourselves! We can give you pointers to quite a few delightful restaurants that you may enjoy.


You will discover at least the beginnings of an outline of many things you can do and see in the Kingdom of Mourne. We will not try to labour the point.

There is a genuine choice between days of rest and activity, freedom to do exactly what suits you when it suits you, an important ingredient in any refreshing or relaxing holiday.